An open letter to President Barack Obama

In Executive Branch, Government Agencies, Hawaii State Agencies on January 22, 2009 at 8:00 am

Dear Mr. President,

Congratulations on your new job.

I just have a few questions for you. First, what’s the deal with all of the parties on Tuesday? I have no way of measuring it, but they probably reduced the turnout for my 60th birthday party that evening.

For the record, I planned my party years before you planned yours. You can check the records at the bowling alley my friends rented for the private bowling “ball”. Also, I should make it very clear that you don’t own January 20th. I’ve been celebrating it since before you were born. Harry S. Truman was the first fellow to throw parties on my birthday. You weren’t even born yet, so you have no claim to it.

I was thinking that it was just a coincidence that you’d want to celebrate on my birthday — that is until I saw what you did yesterday. Now I believe that you’re trying to steal my thunder. What nerve.


I have a record of how many people visit the Hawaii Sunshine Chronicles blog, but I don’t know who,  specifically, is visiting the site. I suspect, however, that you’ve been here and you’ve been taking notes.

How else do you explain the presidential orders you announced yesterday? Is it just coincidence that you’re calling for openness and sunshine with regard to the executive branch of United States government? Just days after I suggest that officials in your birthplace adjust their attitudes and opt for openness,  you try to eclipse my rantings by demanding the very same thing on a national level?

The next thing you know, our Governor will be scrambling to keep her campaign promises by enforcing both the spirit and the letter of Hawaii’s open records laws and policies. And then, Mr. President, she’ll tell everyone that it was you who inspired her.

Just remember that I’m on the record. I called for these actions before you officially took your new job. You may be able to fool some people, but the readers of Hawaii Sunshine Chronicles already know who’s been carrying the torch for transparency, sunshine and openness.

I’m going to be watching you, Mr. President. I have no problem with you looking to Hawaii Sunshine Chronicles for innovative ideas, but you could give me credit at least.

I wish you the best of luck in your new job.

Most respectfully,

Don Ray

  1. Happy Birthday! That is quite a yummy looking cake. Did you bring some back from CA?

    • Comments from California friends are in no way meant as commentaries about the quality of Hawaiian sweets or parties in Hawaii. In fact, I tried to think of a way to bring all of my friends to Honolulu for a more tropical celebration. Maybe next time.

  2. I’ll have to see if there are any Department of Agriculture regulations that might restrict what I can bring. If there are any, I’ll have to smuggle the cake in in my bloodstream.
    But then I can’t share!

  3. We are here to reveal the truth… that Don Ray’s Birthday cake was indeed “yummy”…Don really knows how to party “California Style”…The celebration of his 60th ‘a la Montrose Bowl, was a wonderful evening…

  4. Hey Don,
    Anytime you want to bring us “California Friends” to Hawaii for a more tropical celebration, just say the word! We are big fans of kahlua pig, poi, pineapple…you name it!

  5. I have read a lot of blogs, emails, news articles, and commentaries on the authenticity of the president’s birth certificate, both pro and con, which is said to be in Hawaii. And from what I have read, some Hawaiian officials said they have seen it. The part I don’t understand is why that particular document is a secret. The president says he runs a transparent office, and from what I learned of Hawaiian state government, a “Formal Written Request” might go a long way. Am I on the right track? Does the Office of Information Practices have a copy of it? How about the Honolulu City Clerk’s office? Is Don Ray up to getting a good copy we could see?

  6. Yes Don, that is a good question. “Is Don Ray up to getting a good copy we could see?”

    I believe this would really quiet the naysayers in this regard and you know I do associate with a huge group of “those” people.

  7. BTW, the party looks as if a great time was had by all. I wish we could’ve attended but unfortunately we were otherwise occupied. But I will add that you do look well with that George Hamiltonian tan! And Best Wishes I might add!

  8. We agree…That would be a huge “feather in your cap” if you (DON RAY) could manage to get the Hawaiian State Government produce a really GOOD copy of Obama’s Birth Certificate for the world to see…

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